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The Vision for the future

Be part of a Community

Attend events, meet people in-person and online, play games, develop hobbies, broaden your horizons.


We hope for our future venue to be your home away from home. A place you feel comfortable and feel like you belong. A place you can relax, have fun in but also study and learn and grow. In the mean time we hope you enjoy our events and get to know each other while having fun! - let the games begin

Bringing industry to Students

Have the chance to get involved first hand with industry-related opportunities. Teaming up with other students or working on your own. This would apply to not just gaming and development but a whole host of other creative disciplines as we grow.

Exclusive access to high-end tech

Students can get their hands on and try interesting tech at events. This includes virtual reality or more depending on the event.


However the aim is upon having our own venue to make this tech accessible to students daily be that for work or play with our own games area, XR Lab and computer suite in our venue - so you can really do it all.

Interuniversity meetups

Meet students from different universities from all over London. We currently host pop-ups but are working towards regular events and a dedicated venue.

Getting to know the industry

Networking is an element that helps students but a lot of the time students may not have worked in their chosen field before or may not have explored and had a full insight into it. In our lives we change and grow ourselves and our careers. University students are at a point in their lives where it is their time to explore so The Hub 175 allows them to do just that. Decide what they want for their future by exploring. Moreover, it means through exploration as students learn they can decide what their future path will be and by the time they leave university they will have had a chance to experience and gain a foothold in their chosen industry.

Networking opportunities and industry

A part of the role of educators is to prepare students for their future. We want to help you in that mission. Our events and venue will be tied to the industry as students are the future of those industries. This is to help students learn and develop but also help their later job prospects as they gain the network and footholds before even leaving university.

The future we hope to build - XR Lab

Our long term goal aim is to build our own venue which would contain a student bar/cafe and games area for relaxation and interuniversity socialisation but more importantly a study space and computer suite with an XR Lab so that students are able to access the latest tech and collaborate on projects with ease of access to resources

We understand that it is hard for universities to provide a more open access to such spaces and tech like that in XR Labs especially with the technology newly emerging and changing so we intend on working with and aiding universities and students in their education and vocational pursuits taking away the financial and spacial burden

Get ahead of the curve

The gaming industry is worth $384.90 billion and only growing. Universities are beginning to offer more courses in games. As technology has developed we have seen the rise of AR and VR which has struggled to become mainstream due in part to price and lack of developers. This is typical of any emerging technology and AR/VR will only grow as universities have begun to open modules and courses within the field. The implications or AR/VR are revolutionary as it changes how we learn and experience the world.

By being part of The Hub 175 students who are part of the community and universities, courses, lecturers that partner gain access to the tech more easily as we aim to make it more accessible - helping you, your students and your university get ahead of the curve.

A Hub For
the Creators

A hub for the creators. A place to meet like-minded individuals with similar passions. Grow your hobbies and social network.

We are creating a place to meet like minded individuals with similar passions grow your hobbies and your social network.


We promote a growth mindset. Allowing students to grow in their fields, hobbies, interests and broaden their minds as they meet people from different backgrounds be that other universities or within their chosen industry.

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