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Virtual Reality Game

About us

A hub for the creators. A place to meet like-minded individuals with similar passions. Grow your hobbies and social network.

What we currently do

Host events with VR technology

As a company founded by students, we understand that access to technology can be challenging, especially when it comes to something as exciting as VR, which often requires a significant investment. However, our goal is to ensure that you can enjoy the latest and greatest experiences. That's why we strive to make cutting-edge technology more readily available at our events.

Increase interuniversity connectivity

During our launch night, we were thrilled to have students from nine different universities in attendance. It's not often that you see such diverse university representation at one event, but we aim to change that. Our goal is to foster a strong sense of connection among students, providing support not only for your hobbies like gaming but also for your future endeavors.

Bring the industry to students

At our community events, students have the chance to connect with game developers and industry experts. In addition to these gatherings, our talks and Springboard program provide unique learning opportunities, offering students a comprehensive experience tailored to their career aspirations.

Professional Growth

Helping you grow

The most effective way to personal and professional growth is through meaningful connections. People from diverse backgrounds can inspire, collaborate, and foster learning in our inclusive community environment, allowing individuals to expand their horizons and develop as a person. Building a robust network is crucial, particularly when working during and after university.

Springboard Programme

The springboard programme is built to help young people get into the games industry by showcasing their talents in a 6 week game jam with opportunities to grow, learn, network and create. The participants are provided team mentors, mentor pool and weekly talks from the industry

The 6 week game jam is not the end as we have opportunities for young people beyond the jam itself with the winner set to showcase their game at Insomnia Gaming Festival in Easter 2024 in the Indie zone and many more opportunities up for grabs.

The real prize however remains participating in the easy to access programme itself which we are running on the discord. Allowing young people to connect with the industry through their assigned team mentors, mentor pool with mentors per discipline and weekly talks. The Industry directly teaching young people while they get the hands on experience they need to succeed.

The talks we have lined up for Springboard 2023 programme.

image (2).png

You can click here to visit the archived Springboard 2023 programme applications and details page to learn more in depth about the program

Connect, create and grow: yourself, your passions, your network and your future!

Why we began

Our Mission

To create an inclusive community by connecting students across different universities through the growth and exploration of creative interests.

Post-covid face-to-face interaction has decreased and universities are more segregated than ever

The Social

The Physical

Technology grows leaps and bounds with hefty prices attached to innovation. Prices that make high end technology hard for students to access

We have set out to solve these problems through The HUB 175. Providing tech to a growing interuniversity community

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