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Springboard 2023: One Dynamic Game Jam - Archive

Start date: 18th Sept

Applications close: 31st August

This is a chance for participants to springboard into the games industry through a 6 week programme with industry support that will run online over the discord server. Teams will have a mentor assigned to them and a mentor pool where they can ask specialists question be that programmers, designers, artists or in audio. We will also be running weekly talks from the industry with the theme of what you are working on that week.

Over the course of 6 weeks participants will create a game which will then be exhibited in person at our Game Day 2.0 and then in the evening they will pitch to a panel. The winners of the game jam will then have a chance to continue working on the game and publish (either submitting the game to publishers or self publishing which The HUB 175 will pay for)


Concept/Design brief:

  • One Dynamic game i.e. single input - Single button OR Wasd OR only space OR mouse OR *if controller then one stick on analog controller such as xbox etc

  • The game you are creating must have a simple concept - something that could be made in a 2 or 3 day Game Jam however instead will be made over 6 weeks so that the final product is more polished

  • Example: A dance of fire and ice

Eligibility criteria

  • University students (ideally third year OR with some experience with Unity engine/Unreal/ game dev unless participating in the art/asset/music composition etc) & Post graduate students (MA/MSc/PhD)

  • Non students are eligible to enter as long as not currently working in the industry

  • Anyone who is not currently or have ever worked in industry - This does not include internships or work experience - this is more so to ensure that those within the industry who have had paid jobs in the industry, are part of studios or between work etc with paid jobs and experience in the industry are not participants as the aim of the program is to provide a stepping stone into the industry. It is understandable for graduates trying to break into the industry you may have interned etc so please do apply and we will review your applications

  • If your application is selected a £35 fee must be paid for your placement on the 6 week programme

Springboard Aims:

Springboard program is designed to assist young individuals in entering the gaming industry by offering a 6-week game jam experience and providing opportunities for growth, learning, networking, and creative expression. It also includes access to industry professionals through team mentors, a mentor pool, and weekly talks, all hosted on Discord. The program aims to provide participants with valuable hands-on experience and connections within the gaming industry.

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